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Provisional bookings must be confirmed with 50% of the total Fee due as your booking deposit made payable to Mbassador Studios. We reserve the right to keep this deposit if you cancel. If we are able to re-let the venue for the same value, we will refund this deposit or part of it at our discretion but may keep a sum to cover administration time.


a. One week before the event, the following is due: 

     i.  The balance of the fee:

     ii.  Damages deposit of $300. We will return your deposit within 3 working days after the event, subject to any deductions we may require for the damage out of this sum. We will charge the client for any additional damage caused by guests and others attending the event.


b.  The Client shall not be entitled to any reduction in the cost if the number of guests attending the event is less than originally booked.


c. At the time of booking, the client shall provide details of the estimated number of guests attending the event.


d.  All payments are made online at our website.


a. A confirmed booking shall only be deemed canceled when the business receives written notification of the cancellation from the client.


b.  The period of the notice cancellation fee will be:

      i. 3-4 days or more – deposit only returned.

     ii. Between 5 days and a week – 75% of the pre-booked total fee.

    iii. A week or more - 100% of the pre-booked total fee.


a. The business reserves the right to cancel the event if:

     i. the venue has to be closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

    ii.  the client is in arrears with any payment due to the business.

    iii. the business has reasonable grounds to believe that the client may not pay the company the balance of the fee by the due date, and the business has requested the client to explain the position, and the client has not done so satisfactorily.

    iv.  the business discovers, before the client has paid the balance of the fee, that the client has deliberately concealed information, or deliberately given the incorrect business information, about the event in circumstances where (if the client had not done so) it would have been reasonably foreseeable that the business would not have accepted the booking.

   v.  the business has reasonable grounds to believe that the behavior of the client or the guests at the event will likely result in damage and injury to people.


b.  If the business cancels the booking for any of the reasons set out in the paragraphs above, any money already paid by the client will not be refunded, and the client must pay the business any losses and costs it suffers because of the cancellation which was reasonably foreseeable to both the client and the company when the contract was entered into, whether or not the business can resell the date. Depending on when the business cancels, the cancellation charges payable by the client will be determined by reference to the table set out under the paragraph set above.


c. If the Business cancels the booking due to unforeseen circumstances, any money paid by the client to the business will be refunded in full (which will be the extent of the business’ liability).  


a. The client is free to use any suppliers they wish for the event.


b. Catering is the client’s responsibility to organize. There is no obligation to use a caterer on our list of suppliers, but if the caterer is not on the list, the business may ask that the client or caterer provide the business with a refundable deposit of $125 to cover breakages, losses of items from the kitchen or leaving the kitchen in need of extra, unreasonable cleaning which may need to be deducted from the deposit.


c.  Minimizing rubbish and maximizing recycling. We ask that all caterers respect and join in with our efforts to recycle whenever possible. To that extent, caterers and other suppliers must take all their own rubbish home (plastic recyclables/non-recyclables) with them – it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the caterer or supplier is made aware of this policy.


a.  The hire period for the event is 2 hours before the event. During the hire period, any event must be finished, and all guests must be departed by no later than 2:30 am on a relevant evening unless agreed otherwise in writing with the business.


b.  Access to set up the venue, unless expressly agreed otherwise, is 2 hours before the scheduled event.


c. Access on site outside of the agreed hire period can be arranged for suppliers on request (at times convenient to the business).

     i.  All deliveries of alcohol, chairs, and other supplies for the event may only be made from 2 hours before the scheduled event.

    ii.  The client, or delegated person, is responsible for meeting any alcohol or other deliveries and checking the contents of the delivery.


d. The venue includes space on-site for catering or space for caterers to set up equipment from 2 hours before the event.


e.  Facilities provided (included in the fee):

        i.  All electricity and running water as required.

       ii. Heating for the day of the event.

      iii. Fully furnished and plumbed bathroom (soap) for up to 100 people (client is responsible for providing additional toilet facilities for any event catering for over 100 people);

      iv. Full site cleaning ahead of the event.

     v. Use of approximately 9 high-top tables, 7 small coffee tables, and 5 private booths.

    vii. Use of 1 coat rail and approximately 75 coat hangers.


a. The client will ensure that the event will not be conducted or that its guests will not behave in a way that may constitute a breach of the law or cause a nuisance.


b. At the end of the event:

    i. the client shall remove anything brought into the venue in connection with the event and ensure that the venue is clean, undamaged, and free from rubbish.

   ii. The venue must be left in the same state of cleanliness as provided pre-event. The business offers the post-event thorough, professional cleaning (which excludes removal of rubbish or the client’s belongings, which remain the client’s responsibility) for no extra fee.  


c.  The client may not sub-let or further offer to hire the venue.


d.   No unapproved alterations may be made to the venue's appearance, and nothing should be affixed to the walls or surfaces without the prior approval of the business.


e.   The client must comply with the venue’s health & safety policy. The client shall notify the business of any accident or injury occurring at the venue.


f.  The business reserves the right to make changes to the venue's interior and exterior between the time of the client’s booking and the event date.  


a.    The client agrees that none of the business, its employees, or agents shall be liable for:

     - any damage, loss, delay, or expense incurred by the client, their guests, or any other person connected with the Event, except for death or personal injury resulting from the proven negligence by the business, its employees, or agents.

    - damage, theft, or loss of any property, goods, articles, possessions, objects, or similar things used, kept, or left at the venue (which shall remain the client’s responsibility).


b.  The client will be responsible for any loss or damage to the venue which is attributed to the client, the guests, or the caterer. 


c. It is optional for the client to arrange their own personal accident insurance covering the event.

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