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The issue of violence is something that is tragic and ongoing in our society. The traumas that families and loved ones face are something that no one ever wants to experience. Our goal by working with the Church of the Messiah is to put a stop to unlawful and brutal acts of violence to bring people together to rally and stay together against cruelty to help support people through social media who have been affected.

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The ongoing issue of gun violence is something that society seeks to end. Partaking in this march demonstrates the importance and passion that people have to stop this issue. We, along with many other organizations and members, joined together to promote positive acts not to end the right to carry but an end to murders.

We marched with the Church of the Messiah to express our desire to end violence. Our goal is to speak up about gun issues that have been occurring in society. Our team is broadcasting support through posts and videos that aim to raise awareness. There is great importance in stopping the violence, and working with the church, we have recognized goals and ways to discuss new ways to present and reach out to acknowledge this troubling issue we hope to solve.

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